Registration for game day

To-Do for player with rental equipment

If you are a group, please count by how many players you are and send us an email / contact request / request via Facebook so that we can plan properly.

A flat-rate reservation of 15 € is due for each rental equipment. If you reserve via bank transfer, you have your rental equipment safe!

Reservations only via email or via Facebook are not binding and are of secondary importance in the event of insufficient capacity.

You pay the reservation fee on:

Paintball Sports Association Mittelelbe eV


The remaining fee of 20 € per person plus Paint, you pay on the respective game day.

To-Do for players with their own equipment

As a player with your own equipment, you do not have to make a binding registration.

The field fee on a game day is € 20.00 per person plus paint costs.

If you are a group, we also ask that you send us a short email / message via the contact options mentioned.